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History 2 Notes Exam Two 2-18-07

History 2 Notes Exam Two 2-18-07 - History Two Exam Two...

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History Two Exam Two 2-18-08 Empire Building -Empire building is not foreign to Africa, it had been going on for awhile -The Oyo Empire in Africa -Ethopian Empire Shaka and the Zulus -Zulu Empire -Bantu speaking people came to occupy large parts of south eastern Africa -Organized into loose villages lead by chiefs -They farmed and heard cattle -Split into to new villages all the time, some had tens of thousands of people -They were all linked by a common language and culture -In 18 th century resource competition grew because of the Portuguese coming on the coast -They arrived just as the population was rising drastically pushing them out to Dutch settlers The Dutch -1652 Dutch East India decided that establishment of a colonial on the africa was a good idea, Cape Colony -The community was rich in farming that was based on slavery -Though 1795 the British occupied the cape and annexed it in 1806 -Both English and Dutch began to settle along the coast around Natal -1750s competition for ivory by the colonies came about
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