History 2 Notes Exam Two 2-8-08

History 2 Notes Exam Two 2-8-08 - -Henry Stanley was his...

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History Two 2-8-08 Exam Two Colonization of Africa Video -Durning it millions of Africans died -King of Belgium Leopold owned all of Africa -1888-1890 it had a large supply of rubber -Over 20 years the Congo was turned into a vast labor camp -People wanted the king stopped -Royal Museum of Africa was built by Leopold -The Africans had no rights -The king was called “the little tyrant” by his father -He married an arranged marriage to a 16 year old -Leopold looked all around to colonize and Africa was his last choice
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Unformatted text preview: -Henry Stanley was his explorer that went across all 7k miles of it-Stanley built railroads and steam routes-Leopold wanted to use Africa for profit-1884 The Congo was handed over to the King by the Great Powers-King came up with an army to put fear into Africa-Africa had a huge impact on the Belgium economy-1880 African population was 20 million, then 1920 it was 10 million-The equator provinces had the worse torture...
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