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History 2 Notes Exam There 3-28-08

History 2 Notes Exam There 3-28-08 - History Three Exam...

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History Three Exam Three 3-28-08 Egypt and Iraq -Turkey turns into a secular state -It is the political Islamic capital of the world -Egypt is considered the Cultural Capital of Islam -1918 Wafd party formed under cultured elites from Egypt -The leaders were Egyptian Nationalist who would Britain out -They asked them but Britain denied -Wafd leader started to protest in the streets and started a full blown nationalist movement -Britain finally gave in and let them represent themselves in conferences -Wafd party was lead by Sa'd Zaqhul, an educated lawyer -Served as Prime Minister of Egypt, spoke out for their independence -After Paris Conference Wafd and Britain started to argue even more -Zagul demanded complete independence from Britain and Britain gave in -Allowed them to control some aspects but not all -1922 Britain said it ended the Protectorate and pulled out of Egypt partially -Though “Full Independence” was not true, meaning Britain still remained in control of somethings
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