History 2 Notes Exam Four 4-11-08

History 2 Notes Exam Four 4-11-08 - -Got Stalin to send...

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History Two Exam Four 4-11-08 Harry S Truman Video -Came to be president after FDRs death -Was a farmers and born on May 8 th 1884 -Andrew Jackson was his hero -Couldn't get into military school or college cause dad went bankrupt -Became a captain in WWI -Bess and Harry got married and had one child -Ran for county commumsier and wont the 1923 election -Elected US Senator and became vice president to FDR
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Unformatted text preview: -Got Stalin to send troops to Pacific-Decided to drop A bomb when he issued the Potsdam Doctrine-Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan had to do with foreign policy-Truman Foreign policy was a policy of containment-On Trumans reelection campaign he stopped in small towns-1948 election won by Truman against what everybody said-Came up with NATO-Died December 26 1972...
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