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History 2 Notes Exam Two 2-25-08

History 2 Notes Exam Two 2-25-08 - -Europeans wanted to...

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History Two Exam Two 2-25-08 China and Europe Portuguese -Chinese royal courts wanted to keep European trades just to Macao area -They established a trading port there -Silk, porcelin, and tea is what the Europeans wanted -Relationships grew between Europe and China -Though English thought that China was really strange Canton System -Britain begin to dominate in Asia -The kept pushing China so they could get in -China allowed for English Merchanants to trade in the Port of Canton -Port of Canton did not allow trade with the public but just with the piers(middle men, Hong), designed to keep people out of China - “usual” problem, that were was not enough contact with the Chinese public
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Unformatted text preview: -Europeans wanted to purchase silk and such, but they were made to pay cash-Chinese had opium that all the Chinese used-The English got opium from Indian and then started to sell it to China-The Emperor of China tired to stop the import and use of it opium-He closed the trading doors on Britain which led to war Anglo-Chinese War 1839-1842-Opium War-British defeated their fleet which brought China to the negation table-Treat of Nanking 1842 stopped the war but it was an unequal treaty-It forced China to open the ports to free trade if Europe-Chinas orientation towards the past prevented her from recognizing the new threat Europe presented...
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