History 2 Notes 1-11-07

History 2 Notes 1-11-07 - The American and French...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-11-08 The American and French RevolutionsThe Revolution in the context of Enlightenment Ideas-The Enlightenment was a philosophical movement across Europe and America in the 18thcentury-Impact was vast in major Western Civilizations-It threaten existing social order-Enlightenment philosophers said that Human Reason is the only basis of authority-They said that political power came from the people and not from privilege-The enlightenment also produced nationalism and republicanism-Also produced that everybody had rights (life, liberty, happiness, freedom)-Violation of it was a violation of natureBritain Victory over France-After winning the 7 years war they became the masters of American, and were left with a crap shit load of land-They were in constant in war with the French but they drove the French out of North America-Colonist of North America were loyal subjects of the crown-All the war with France left large debts-1763 Parliament wanted to rise revenue from the American Colonist to help pay for the 7 years war...
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History 2 Notes 1-11-07 - The American and French...

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