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World History 1020 Study Guide Exam #1 Disclaimer: The following is a general guide to help you prepare for the upcoming exam. It is not to be understood as a comprehensive guide to the topics that will be covered on the exam. Moreover, it must be stated that acquiring a simple definition of each of the following key terms will not serve you well on the exam. You must understand the material in its context in order to do well. Chapter 1 Glorious Revolution Stamp, Sugar Acts Articles of Confederation Estates General Louis XVI Civil Constitution of the Clergy Sans-Culottes Jacobin Regicide Maximilien Robespierre Terror Napoleon Bonaparte Continental System Lecture Notes Chapter 2 Industrial Revolution Cottage Industry Putting –out System Population Explosion Industrialization in France Industrialization in Germany Zollverein Friedrich Engels Luddites Robert Owen
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Unformatted text preview: Commercial Agriculture Newcomens Engine James Watt Spinning Jenny Mule Spinning Lecture Notes Chapter 3 Congress of Vienna Prince Metternich Viscount Castlereagh Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Tsar Alexander I King Fredrick William III Quadruple Alliance Holy Alliance Thomas Malthus Factory Acts Seneca Falls Convention Liberalism David Ricardo Nationalism Romanticism Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Conservatism Edmund Burke Som Revolutions of 1830 Revolutions of 1848 Giuseppe Mazzini Lecture Notes Chapter 4 Otto von Bismarck The Eastern Question Crimean War Franco-Prussian War Plebiscite Napoleon III Maximilian of Habsburg Paris Commune The Reform Acts (Britain) Alexander II Charles Darwin Karl Marx Communist Manifesto Anti-Semitism Kulturkampf Dreyfus Affair Lecture Notes...
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History1020StudyGuideExam1 - Commercial Agriculture...

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