BIOL1030Exam3StudyGuide - STUDY GUIDE for Biology 1030 Exam...

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STUDY GUIDE for Biology 1030 Exam #3 (Bowling) General Points This exam covers Topics 13-19. As before, the topic outlines and your notes from class (generally organized around those outlines) are your main source material for the test. Nothing will be on the test if it was not covered in class or in the notes. The textbook should be used to help you understand what is covered in class and in the notes. The slides shown in lecture mostly integrate the lecture notes with figures from your textbook, but any extra items given in lecture (meaning something covered in lecture but not in the posted lecture notes) is fair game for your test. The exam will be based on 60 questions, worth 3 points each, a total of 180 points possible. There will also be some extra questions, so you will actually be able to earn more than 180 points (in other words, earning bonus points on this exam will be possible). All questions will be multiple choice or true/false. While a few will be more “picky detail” questions to reward those who thoroughly know the material, most will include several bits of information to assist you in finding the right answer. Also, note that some test questions will require that you recall general animal phylogeny knowledge covered in Topics 10-12 (what are metazoans, Bilateria, etc., and phylogenetic relationships between such groups). Study suggestions
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course BIOL 1031 taught by Professor Bowling during the Spring '08 term at Auburn University.

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BIOL1030Exam3StudyGuide - STUDY GUIDE for Biology 1030 Exam...

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