BIOL1030Exam1StudyGuide - STUDY GUIDE for Biology 1030 Exam...

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STUDY GUIDE for Biology 1030 Exam #1 (Bowling) First, recognize that the topic outlines (lecture notes), your notes from class, and the figures in your textbook that were used in class are your main source material for the test. Topics covered in the textbook but never mentioned in the notes or class will not be tested UNLESS you were specifically told in class to go to your textbook for a topic. Also, there may be topics covered in the notes or in class that are not thoroughly covered in your textbook, or that differ from what is in your textbook. Reading the textbook is not a waste of time at all, but start with the notes and figures. The textbook (especially the figures) should be used as a resource to help you understand what is in the notes. In any case where the textbook information differs from the notes, go with what is in the notes unless you were told otherwise in class. The slides shown in lecture mostly integrate the lecture notes with figures from your textbook. The exam will be 42 questions, worth 2 points each, a total of 84 points possible. The base point value for the exam is 80 points, so you can earn 4 bonus points on this exam. All questions will be multiple choice or true/false. While a few will be more “picky detail” questions to reward those who thoroughly know the material, most will include several bits of information to assist you in finding the right answer. Here are some suggested exercises and study tips: 1. Wait to take the practice exam until you think you are ready for the test; that way you can get a sense of where you are. However, take it no later than three days before the exam if possible. Some questions on the practice test will show up on the actual test, and some questions on the practice test will be similar but not identical to questions on the actual test. Use the practice test to get a sense for what the actual test will be like. Also, there are multiple-choice quizzes for each chapter available in the “Chapter Contents” area on CourseCompass. 2.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course BIOL 1031 taught by Professor Bowling during the Spring '08 term at Auburn University.

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BIOL1030Exam1StudyGuide - STUDY GUIDE for Biology 1030 Exam...

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