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History 2 Notes Exam Three 4-4-08

History 2 Notes Exam Three 4-4-08 - -Told Hitler that it...

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History Two Exam Three 4-4-08 Mobilizing the Home Front -FDR's administration oversaw a miracle of production -They were converting manufacturing plants into war plants -1945 the produced 275,000 airplanes, launched a ship every 24 hours -Double pre-war output, they out produced Germany, Italy, and Japan -US Industries will supply 11 million service men and women, also supply a lot to the allies -The war demands will stimulate the American economy, brought it out of depression -War will hasten transformations of the New Deal -Booming war industry will bring American laborers new jobs and provide opportunities both social and economically -Women were getting paid a lot compared to old jobs, they were also serving as Nurse Corps Turning the Tide -Nov 1943 Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt will meet multiple times and talk about opening a new front on Germany -General Eisenhower was made Supreme Commander of Allie Forces, he began to plan an invasion -In France German General Erwin Rommel placed in command of coastal defense
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Unformatted text preview: -Told Hitler that it was extreme weak-Allies tricked Germans by making it seem that they were started the invasion in Pas De Calais region-Instead it happened on beaches of Normandy-Begin at 730am June 6 1944 known as Operation Overlord-The most resistance was on the American sectors-August 25 1944 Allied troops liberated Paris-Stared to push into Germany, Germany made last effort at Battle of the Bulge which failed-Allies got ahead of their supply lines-February 1945 Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt met to discuss post war Europe, wanted to know who would control what, was known as the Yalta Conference-FDR died on April 12 1945 in Warm Springs, GA-Hitler commits suicide April 30 1945 in Berlin-May 7 1945 Germany surrenders to the allie-August 6 1945 US B-29 “Enola Gay” dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima killing 78k people-August 9 they dropped another on Nagasaki killing 100k-August 14 1945 Japan surrendered under the condition that they get to keep there emperor...
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