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History 2 Notes Exam Two 2-13-07

History 2 Notes Exam Two 2-13-07 - History Two Exam Two The...

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History Two Exam Two 2-13-08 The Scramble for Africa 1870-1914 Technology and the new Imperialism -Imperialism has been around forever -Use of new technology is what the “new imperialism” was -1870 small number of countries began to denominate large amounts of territory creating empires -Great Britain, France, Use, Germany, Japan, and Russia -Industrialization allowed them to do this -Rapid and Global domination of non-industrialized countries by industrialized countries -What facilitated it was the reliable and predictable of the steamship, the modern steamship -It regularized travel, small ships allowed for exploration into the interior of Africa, they were always on time -Suez Canal was engineered by Ferdinand De Lesseps, the canal travel was between east and west -Canal important for the British Empires Motives for Colonization of Africa -Cant just identify one -Profit Motive -Geopolitics-politics of geography -Nationalism/Nation Prestige -Civilizing Motive -Once in-difficult to get out The Scramble
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