History 2 Notes Exam Three 3-10-08

History 2 Notes - History Two Exam Three World War I The Americans-Woodroo Wilson was elected president in 1912-He was former governor of NJ

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History Two Exam Three 3-10-08 World War I The Americans -Woodroo Wilson was elected president in 1912 -He was former governor of NJ, president of Princeton University, and History Professor -Wanted government to regulate business -Interested in bringing progressive reform because its the right thing to do -Quintessential Moral Progressive, felt it was his duty to teach neighbors how to elected “good men” and how to cherish democracy -1916 he sent General John J Pershing to go to Mexico and kill Pancho Villa -Villa killed Americans and led a raid into New Mexico -Wilson used Monroe Doctrine to justify the hunt for Villa -Wilson opposed the war in Europe -May 7 1915 German U-boat torpedoes a British liner Lusitania -Uboat was a new technology -Lusitania was transporting weapons form US to Britain -1,198 killed, 128 Americans -Wilson issued saying “American is too proud to fight” -1916 Isolationist were the view of Americans -Americans began to favor France and Britain -Germany agreed to stop attack ships but 1917 they started do it again
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