History 2 Notes Exam Two 2-10-08

History 2 Notes Exam Two 2-10-08 - -Edmund Morel was the...

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History Two 2-10-08 Exam Two Video Continued -The military leader would get more for the more rubber that they harvested -Charles Stokes cause Leopold a political problem -He was arrested for trading and sentenced to death -It was a political mistake, outraged Germany -Leopold had to pay money for it -They took the worker wife's hostage until they had enough rubber -Leopold had hold on the rubber market for 10 years - “The speaker” were articles that were wrote about the Congo
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Unformatted text preview: -Edmund Morel was the author, he had a personal campaign against the king-West African Mail-newspaper of his-Crown Domain was 10 times the size of Belgium and was kept a secret-Morel formed the Congo Reform Association-Casements reports was a large blow to Belgium-John Harrison was a missionary-He saw everything that went down-Set up a hospital-Leopold came up with a commission to try and control what was said-Leopold burned all Congo state records-Died 1909...
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