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Unformatted text preview: 1-28-08 History 2 Revolution of 1848 -In this year there were series of revolutions -1848 liberalism and nationalism was taking a cultural ligitmacy -In France nationalism had deep roots, the bourgeois wanted europe to have universal manhood suffrage and civil liberties -In February 1848 the government of Louis-Philippe blocked a gathering of protestors, at which shots were fired and people were killed -Bourgeois then started a riot in the streets -The king fled to England and the second republic was claimed Europe 1850-1914 Crimean War 1853 to 1856 -Causes were complex -Russia wanted territory in the Ottoman Empire -Napoleon III wanted to show his imperial power -Britains desire to block the Russians and to be the controller of the Balkans -Britain, Ottoman Turks, France declared ware against Russia which was the "first modern war" -Russia would sue for peace in 1856 -War would bring major changes to Russia making them modernize Italian Unification -The move got underway in teh Kind of Sardina under Camilo di Cavour -Cavour would become first minister of Sardinia -He made strategic alliances with France and Prussia against Austria Souther Italy was modernized by Giuseppe Garibaldi -Garibladi would return to Italy in 1860 and form an army called "The Thousands", Army of Red Shirts -He captured Sicly, and head towards Naples to topple Francis II -Cavours army reaches Naples first thought Garibladi gives Cavours army power and he leaves -Victory Emmuel II named king of Italy in 1861 -Last Italian city-state to finally unite in 1919 German Unification -Led by Otto von Gismarck, master of Real=Politik -1862 he becomes president of the cabinet and foreign minister -1864 Invades Schlewig-hostein -1866 Prussia goes to war with Austria -1870 France declares war on Prussia (Franco-Prussian War) -Naploeon fails and Paris is captured -1871 At Versailles Bismarck starts germany and it becomes unificted ...
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