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History Two Exam Three 3-31-08 Road to War America in the 1920s -Political conservatism -Disillusioned with the world and progressive idealism -Isolationism and dislike for foreigners(Sacco and Vanzetti case 1927) -Return of Laissez Faire policies and expansion of the economy -First measurable generation gap -Few men came about Warren G Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover The Crash -Buying stocks on margin(credit) had been happening for awhile -Downturn in the economy in 1925 hastened the devaluation of stocks -By October 29 1929 stock reached the top and then it dropped -Panic set out, investors dumped stocks for pennies on the dollar -The economic depression had a global effect -1932 it hit hardest The Age of Dictators -1922 Mussolini come to power in Italy
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Unformatted text preview: -In Europe and Asia nationalism and aggressive militarism threatened world peace-Benito Mussolini will the pattern in the 1920s of Fascism-Fascists wanted to advance conquest and war-1933 Hitler becomes German Chancellor, started to rearm Germany-Violated the Treaty of Versailles-Britain and French did a verbal protest for fear of war-Throughout 1930 Hitlers politics took aim at Jews-Blamed them for defeat and economic problems-Japan-Japans military grew very powerful-Empire conquered Korea and manchuria in 1932-1932 Japan will invade China which meet with resistance form Chiang Kai-Shek national army-Slowed but didnt stop it-1937 Japan will commit Rape of Nanking, executing 300,000k Chinese...
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