History 2 Notes Exam Three 3-14-08

History 2 Notes Exam Three 3-14-08 - -December 1916 he was...

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History Two Exam Three 3-14-08 Video Continued -During bloody sunday 5k were captured and excuted -The horsemen named The Cosag liked the Tsar and would do anything for him -Alexander didnt like the royal duty -Rasputa would be the most powerful person in Russia -He was sourer and healed over the phone -Alexander took great stock in Rasputa -1976 people started to search for the remains of the Tsars family -1914 Russia went to war against Austria and Germany -Large amount of men were lost -Russian people started to say that Alexander was spy -Rasputa predicted the killing of himself and the Tsars family
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Unformatted text preview: -December 1916 he was poisoned and shoot-Russian police dug up the bones of the Tsar and hid them-The Russian Revolution lead to the fall of the Tsar and empire-July 31 family was put on to a train and taken to Siberia-The communist started to take over-July 16 they family was taken into a room and shoot-A common grave was dug in the woods and they were buried-In the 30s Stalin started to destroy anything had to do with the Tsar-May 19 th was the birthday of the last Tsar...
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