History 2 Notes Exam Four 4-16-08

History 2 Notes Exam Four 4-16-08 - “Loyalty Program”...

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History Two Exam Four 4-16-08 McCarthy and the Korean War -In the midst of the Cold War, Red Scare surfaced in the US -It was led by Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy, he would challenge the essence of American Constitutionalism - “Red-Bating” was the attempt to associate all lefist thought, organization or art with communism in the 1950s -Following WWII congress established House Un-Americans Committee(HUAC) and Senate Internal Security Subcommittee which was an attempt to root communist -The fear of communist infiltration will quicken in 1950 -British Physicist confessed to espionage -A couple Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage -They were executed in 1953 -Rosenberg case would fuel the flames of infiltration of communism -McCarthy claimed to have a list of 205 names of communist working in the government -His allegations were false and he accused hundreds of inconect Americans -His movement came known as “McCarthyism” -Late 1940s Truman will issue Executive Order 19835 called for investigation of all federal employees
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Unformatted text preview: - “Loyalty Program” would deny accused of basic constitutional rights Korean War 1950-1953-Cold War will become a shooting war in June 25 1950 when communist North Korean forces invade South Korea-First time American troops went into battle to enforce policy of containment-US and UN stood firm but at the cost of lifes, money, and unity-June 1950 90k North Korean troops crossed the 38 th Parallel-They took Seoul and pushed US and South Korea to Pusan-June 30 Truman will commit more American Troops-UN appointed Truman to find a commander-Truman appointed Macarthur, he would force within 40 miles of the Chinese border(against orders)-Truman fires Macaarthur for disobeying orders-He would return home to a heros welcome-UN forces pushed back to 38h parallel and they will dig in-July 27 1953 both sides come to an armistice-Korea would remain divided and the instability in Asia would continue...
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