History 2 Notes Exam Three 3-26-08

History 2 Notes Exam Three 3-26-08 - History Two Exam Three...

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History Two Exam Three 3-26-08 -1939 the state seized all of the Waqf(endowment that Ulama lived off of) the Ulma became completely dependent -Reza sought to increase the involvement of women in public life -1936 Iran banned practice of Purda, veiling women -Iran posed the symbols of the west in the same manner as Turkey -Started to require to wear Western clothing Peace Settlement -Britain saw it would be necessary to secure land on the other side of Suez Canal -November 1917 Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour issued the “Balfour Declaration” which gave Britain Support for a jewish homeland in Palestine -He sends it to Lord Rothschild, prominent British Zionist -Terms of peace of the Ottoman Empire were concluded during San Remo Conference of 1920 -Presented to Turkey as Treaty of Sevres -Anatolia giveint o national internest -Bosporus and Dardanells was an internal zone -Greece as given Thrace and islands -France got Syria -Armenia was on independent state -San Remo conference agreed to separate Arab provinces from Anatolia
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