BIOL1030Exam2StudyGuide - STUDY GUIDE for Biology 1030 Exam...

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STUDY GUIDE for Biology 1030 Exam #2 (Bowling) This exam covers Topics 6-12. As before, recognize that the topic outlines and your notes from class (generally organized around those outlines) are your main source material for the test. Nothing will be on the test if it was not covered in your notes or in class (but anything covered in either of those places is fair game). The textbook, especially the figures, should be used to help you understand what is in the notes. The slides shown in lecture mostly integrate the lecture notes with figures from your textbook, except for extra material on classification presented in class. The exam will be based on 60 questions, worth 3 points each, a total of 180 points possible. There will also be some extra questions, so you will actually be able to earn more than 180 points (in other words, earning bonus points on this exam will be possible). All questions will be multiple choice or true/false. While a few will be more “picky detail” questions to reward those who thoroughly know the material, most will include several bits of information to assist you in finding the right answer. Pay close attention to the taxonomic groups and the bold terms. Many questions about a taxonomic group (kingdom, subkingdom, phylum, class, etc.) will include key identifying traits, with an emphasis on unique traits or facts about the group (for example, the fact that members of class Ctenophora move using comb-like plates of cilia). Your will be choosing the appropriate group based on a description. If a single common name is paired with a group in the outline that name may be an important clue for choosing the proper group name, or it may just be paired with the group name in the answer choices (for example, Scyphozoa/jellyfish ). Also, if a particular species, genus, or other group was mentioned in the description of a group, that detail has a good chance of showing up as one of the clues in a question about that group. Notice that there are 51 numbered items below. Not all items will necessarily get a
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BIOL1030Exam2StudyGuide - STUDY GUIDE for Biology 1030 Exam...

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