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Hist. 1020 Study Guide Exam #3 Disclaimer: The following is a general guide to help you prepare for the upcoming exam. It is not to be understood as a comprehensive guide to the topics that will be covered on the exam. Moreover, it must be stated that acquiring a simple definition of each of the following key terms will not serve you well on the exam. You must understand the material in its context in order to do well. Chapter 9 Triple Alliance Triple Entente Schliefen Plan Sarajevo Bolsheviks Mensheviks Lenin Wilson Versailles Fourteen Points League of Nations Reparations Nicholas II 1905 Revolution Archduke Ferdinand Trench Warfare Battle of the Marne U-Boats Brest Litovsk Lecture Notes Chapter 10 Treaty of Rapallo Stresemann Locarno Rhineland Kellogg-Briand Pact Manchuria Dawes Plan Young Plan Stalin Trotsky New Economic Policy
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Unformatted text preview: Show Trials Great Purges Mussolini March on Rome Ethiopia Mein Kampf Reichtag Hindenburg Brown Shirts Labensraum Goebels Kristallnacht Franco Adolf Hitler Weimar Republic Lecture Notes Chapter 11 Appeasement Chamberlain Sudetenland Munich Agreement Winter War Blitzkrieg Maginot Line Vichy, France Churchill Tito Aryans Final Solution Auschwitz Great Patriotic War Zhukov Lend Lease Pearl Harbor El Alamein Yalta Agreements Lecture Notes Chapter 13 Ottoman Empire Palestine Mustapha Kemal Ataturk Theodor Herzl Zionism Saddam Hussein Egypt King Farouk Hasan al-Banna Muslim Brotherhood Gamel Abd al-Nassar Aswan Dam Six Day War Ayatollah Khomeini Intifada Faisal Arab Revolt Mandate System Pahlavi Dynasty Balfour Declaration OPEC Lecture Notes...
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History1020StudyGuideExam3 - Show Trials Great Purges...

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