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History Notes 12-03-07 Lecture Two Unit Five

History Notes 12-03-07 Lecture Two Unit Five - -Study math...

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Lecture Two Unit Five 12-03-07 Inventing Secondary Political Traditions -In the 18 th century Russian rulers started programs of Westernization because of two things -Trade -Military Conflicts -The western european counties were more modern than Russia was Peter the Great -Trade-Germantown-Peter the Great -Russia limited trade with european countries and they made all merchants live in germantown -Peter grew up in Germantown -Sisteer Sophia served as Regent while he was young -He later took over his sister -He had a rapid and forced modernization -In 1697 he sent a mission to Western Europe which was known as the Grand Embassy What it did -To observe workings of western europe -Peter develped a catch up vision -Could make Russia Better by looking at them Westernization -Peter used Western Europe to base Russia off of -Military reform -Wanted to make it the greatest military around -Better pay, drafting people for life as pro soldiers, extensive training and modern weapons
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Unformatted text preview: -Study math to shoot cannons accuratly-Social reform-Abolished the mixing of sexes-Commanded people to wear western clothing and to shave -St Petersburg became the new capital city-All the buildings were western based-After Peter died woman named Catherine the Great took over Catherine-She had a passion for politics-Wanted to increase the government strength-She liked westernization and France-Philosope-any of the leading philosophical, political, and social writers of the 18 th century French Englightment-Pugachevs rebellion of peasants they wanted to end taxs and the draft for life thing and such-Impacts on the government because of it-Lead her to tighten her Russian affairs-Out Break of French Revolution Combination of rebellion and French revolution lead to Catherine to stop Westernization...
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