History Notes 11-26-07 Lecture Three Unit Four

History Notes 11-26-07 Lecture Three Unit Four - Rise of...

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Lecture Three Unit Four 11-26-07 Expanding Primary Social and Political Traditions -People were converted into Hereditary aristocracy -Because of grants? -The old clan leadership converted and the change in government took place known as Devolution- a transfer of powers from a central government to a local government -The government became more powerful after the change -Though the people in the government didn't care about what position they had -The Japanese Emperor seized to be a public figure -He didn't exercised any of his powers, so then his powers were practiced by the regions -An example of this was the Fuiguara Clan- which held the most important position in government -They acomphlised a creation of a clan government and the emperor had no power -In 1068 the Japanese Emperor adopted formal retirement into a monastery -This became known as a Cloistered Government -There was a split between the two and the split paved a way for two systems of government in Japan
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Unformatted text preview: Rise of Shoen System-3 stages in landownership-1. Private Ownership-2. Then after Taika Reform there was a system of public ownership-Dominate form of ownership-3. Shoen (Private-Estates)-Was a replacement for aristocratic income-Two important privileges it had-Immunity from taxation-Immunity of public officials into their estates-Half of the land in Japan was private land Japanese Estates-They were not just in one area, they were fields spread out-They were bound by a common ownership known a Proprietors-Most proprietors hired Mangers to run the estates and they supervised and were a form of local government Rise of Samurai(Warrior) Class-As political and military centralization declined the estates had to protect themselves-Gradually this made the need to protect the Shoen which lead to a new class called the Samurai-They were organized military units called Bushidan-They then developed into a lord-vassal relationship...
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