History Notes 11-28-07 Lecture Five Unit Four

History Notes 11-28-07 Lecture Five Unit Four - -Indirect...

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Lecture Five Unit Four 11-28-07 Modifying Political Traditions -The warring states period started a centralized feudal system -1600 came a power struggle between two people -The Battle of Sekigahara started -It was won by a Diamyo leader Tokugawa Ieyasus -He managed to unify Japan into a Bakufu -He was named new shogun -The new government was defined as centralized feudalist -Existence of centralized par(Bakufu) -He administered him country in two ways -Direct control by the Tokugawa Clan of ¼ of the land
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Unformatted text preview: -Indirect control of ¾ by the Daimyo-Han(Domain)-The Tokugawa regulated the Han(Domain) affairs Mechanisms to keep people loyal-Rearrangement of Domains-more loyal ones got bigger ones-Alternate Attendance System-Diamyos to alternate between home and capital city every year-Designed to weaken the Diamyos-Strict Management of Foreign Relations -Seclusion Policy-cut out Domains access to military and economic sources...
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