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History Notes 11-16-07 Lecture Two Unit Four

History Notes 11-16-07 Lecture Two Unit Four - 2 decreed...

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Lecture Two Unit Four 11-16-07 Inventing of Foreign Practices -The yamato ruler was fairly powerful -Yamato court borrowed stuff from China -The absolute monarchy that Japan had was borrowed from China -The seventeenth article constitution was written by Price Shotoku -When he came to power to resumed sending people to China for exchange of thins -He promoted Buddhism and Confucianism -He was responsible with good contact of China and adoption of some of their culture -He wanted a centralized government under supreme rulers -The use of merit system to elect officials -He was definer of of Japanese civilization -His successor continued the adoption of China crap -The emperor of Japan issued the Edict of Takia 4 articles 1. declared land and people were to be placed under imperial government
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Unformatted text preview: 2. decreed that capital city be built as a center of government 3. ordered the compilation of population and taxation of register 4. introduced a system of taxation Adoption of written law-Up until the 7 th century Japan was governed by customs and conventions-Taiho-Yoro Code-Legal code based on China crap-Consisted of two sections penile code and administration code-Administration code was the most important because it was the bases of Japanese government up until the 19 th century-The capital city of Nara in Japan was a direct copy of the capital city of China Changon-The actual structure was very similar Significance 1. Massive borrowing of Chinese stuff to Japan 2. Led to secondary cultural tradition of borrowing...
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