History Notes 11-16-07 Lecture One Unit Four

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Lecture One Unit Four 11-16-07 Japan Inventing Primary Social and Political Traditions Basic Geographical Features -Japan consisted of four major islands -It is not a river valley civilization like other -They were fishing village instead of farmer -They had pockets of arable land and only 13% of the land was like that -Japan is/was a poor country because of that -Because of lack of resources it was the driving force behind Japan New Civilization -Most people came from the Asian Midland -There used to be a land bridge between Asia and Japan -10k BC Japanese made poetry -300BC Yagoi came about, it was a culture characterized by white rice -The rice that was used came from China -3 rd century the civilization spread to the Yamato Plain and the capital city was Kyoto -As late of 6 th century Japan was governed by tributary warrior aristocracy
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Unformatted text preview: -They were like warring states and it was a military state period-There social organization was based on Uji(clan or lineage)-It was a tie of blood, loose cluster of families-Clan Chieftain was a desendents of the original one who was the leader of the clan Religion-Took shape during the Yamato Clan-The beauty of Japan may have explained why nature was so personal to them-The destructive power of nature lead the people of Japan to believe in divine sprits n nature known as Kami-Shinto- refers to the veneration of nature sprits and ancestor-It was the original religion of Japan and had no founder-It was not an organized body of thought and had no system of code-Though it didnt present a problem because of other religions that came about-...
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