History Notes 11-09-07 Lecutre Six Unit Three

History Notes 11-09-07 Lecutre Six Unit Three - -Though...

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Lecture Six Unit Three 11-09-07 Imposing Alien Rule in China -Mongols happened all over the world -In China-Mongol Yuan Dynasty Genghis Khon -Born into a poor aristocratic family and father died when he was young -1206 all the mongol nobles and aristocrats meet and gave him the title Khon -He organized a large military force -He launched the one of the largest campaigns of the world -He would bully surrounding cites to join him, the rulers would give and he would take over -Mongols campaign was launched because they had no life sustaining resources -Khon launched a conquest against them
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Unformatted text preview: -Though when he died his grandson Kublia Khon became the universal ruler and the conquest of China started under him-He changed the capital city-In 1279 all of Song China was conquered and that started the Yuan Dynasty-Mongol started a Chinese system political system Social Structure-Characterized by Indian Caste System in which the Mongols were the highest then came their allies-Then came the Northern Chinese-Empire of the Great Khon were the Mongol Chinese-Mongol empire collapsed because of large rebellion in China-The rebel leader kicked out the Mongols...
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