History Notes 11-05-07 Lecutre Four Unit Three

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Lecture Four Unit Three 11-5-07 Sui Dynasty -China became more unified under this dynasty -It was short lived, but it was important for the reunification -It constructed a canal, the Great Canal, was the longest in the world 1000 miles long -Designed to have traded among North and South China -Construction of canal contributed to economic foundation for administration centralization Tang Dynasty -It lasted along time -Considered the golden age in china -Christian communities were in it -Descendants of the Tang Dynasty were known as Tangeria -Rulers continued to promote Buddhism, and buddha took off throughout it -Though Buddhism was reshaped -Sinicization-to make Chinese in character or to change or modify by Chinese influence -After China was unified -Change towards women like figures, because of Sinicization
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Unformatted text preview: -The standard of beauty changed which made it change-Buddhism declined because of the change of state policy towards it-Why?-Number of buddhist monasteries had grown-They had become large land owning states and didnt have to pay taxes-The Tang need resources because of its decline, monasteries were thought of as a threat-The monasteries removed people from the tax register-Confusion started to wake up and spread-Largest Persecution of Buddha-4600 monasteries and 40000 temples were destroyed-250k monks and 150k slaves were returned to the tax register-It was a major blow to Buddhism-Key Point **-Persecution paved way for ideology and religious centralization **-Confusion strengthened itself, became states ideology...
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