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History Notes 10-05-07 Lecture Seven Unit Two

History Notes 10-05-07 Lecture Seven Unit Two - Lecture 7...

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Lecture 7 Unit Two 10-05-07 European Renaissance -15 th century the P reform came about -It started in the Italian Peninsula Started there because it couldn't ever handle medieval feudalism -Italy was just a whole bunch of city-states -Some of those city-states where governed by merchants, aristocratic, kings and such -The cities had a lot of trade with Mediterranean Region -Because of that they were aware of the other primary traditions -Renaissance came from the commercial exchange in Italy Effects on many parts of life -Art and Architecture -They drew there inspiration from the early time period, admired the classical culture -Humanism-looked to classical traditional as well -They attempted update medieval thought Artistic Renaissance -Michelangelo (1457-1564)-Greatest Artist during life -He did paintings, sculptures, and architecture -He was the best example of Renaissance -Born in a small banker family -Families money was very low -13 he was sent away to a apprentice of painter in Florence -Left after just one year and came under the protection of Lorenzo -Florence was the center of art -1501 he was commissioned for a Cathedral of Florence -He did the statue of David which made him the leading artist -Also did the statue of Aphrodite -Those marked the restoration of classical stuff Intellectual Renaissance -Renaissance Humanism- -Not a philosophical of life, but program of education -Revolved around clearly defined group -It developed in reaction of dominate intellectual medieval Europe that was centered on the Roman Catholic Churches, dominates by concise -Humanism was characterized by the complete secular outlook -A leading figure was Petrach(1304-1374)-considered the father of Renaissance Humanism -He did more than everybody else and contributed a great amount -He was the first to characterize the Dark Age -Petrach promoted tat Medieval culture was ignorant to classical tradition -He started a church for the classical manuscripts -He developed a new study-Philology -Philology- literacy study and analysis of classical scholarship the term originally meant a love of learning literature -The study of ancient text was celebrated by Humanistic Activist
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Application of Philology -Lorenzo Valla-Renaissance Humanist -He was a great humanists, scholar, philosopher -He was brought up in Rome and was self-educated for the most part -Entered service in the Kingdom of Naples and applied what he learned there -The papacy would tell the king that he wasn't shit without there sanctions -The kings had conflicts with the papacy
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