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History Notes 9-26-07 Lecture Four Unit Two

History Notes 9-26-07 Lecture Four Unit Two - Lecture Four...

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Lecture Four 9-26-07 New Civilization in Europe -Came about because of the fusion of 3 major elements 1.Germanic People 2.Legacy of the Romans 3.Christian Church -Period of 500-1500-called The Middle Ages Germanic People and formation of a new political landscape -They came from Scandinavia -Over centuries they left and migrated to different places -From Norway to North of the Rhine -These people were called the Goths -There were two different branches-Ostrogoths and Visigoths -The germans invaded the Roman Empire and set up kingdoms Kingdom of Ostrogoths Kingdom of Visigoths Kingdom of Franks-Most important and lasted the longest Kingdom of the Franks -The Kingdom of the Franks was established by Clovis -Clovis succeeded his farther and took over the Frankish Kingdom -He defeated the Roman army and transformed the Franks -The Franks became the most important and the most dynamic -Religion played a large role -At first they worshipped many gods but once they started to invade they were exposed to Christianity -Many of the Franks converted to Christianity, Clovis converted to Christianity and was baptized -By converting to Christianity it had great political implications -He attracted the christian population -The Franks became the power of the Germanic people -In 511 Clovis died -After his death the Franks slowly lost control -Though successors were able to hold power until the 8 th century -But aristocratic clan to over power and took the Franks over
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