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History Notes 9-21-07 Lecture Three Unit Two

History Notes 9-21-07 Lecture Three Unit Two - Lecture...

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Lecture Three Unit Two 9-21-07 Primary religious traditions -The people developed them-Christianity -New religious traditions came about-God -It came about in West Asia and then later to Western Europe -**All major religions today came from Asia** -Many centuries before Roman empire Christianity started to take shape Hebrews -Earliest of them were nomadic -They lived in Mesopotamia and Italy -They wrote the Old Testament -Abraham-was Hebrew Patriarch and lived in the city of Ur -At first the Hebrews recognized many gods like everybody else -But they became Monotheism-believe in one good -They migrated to Eypt and then in the 13 th century they were lead by Moose to Palasine and made a religious empire -Hebrews had a monarchy system of government -They had a close relationship with the local people -They religion developed in a very distinct way -Moose said there was one god-”Yahweh” -He wanted his followers to worship him -His followers put together a holy scriptures-the old testament -They were characterized by loyalist to Yahweh, existence of high moral standards, and scriptures -Over time they influenced Christianity Judaism -Jews were decedents of the Hebrews -They had faith under many different empires -All empires had different ethnic groups, most were tolerated as long as they paid taxes -To encourage political loyalty- they started State Cults
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