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History Notes 11-26-07 Lecture Four Unit Four

History Notes 11-26-07 Lecture Four Unit Four - Lecture...

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Lecture Four Unit Four 11-26-07 Institutionalizing Primary Traditions -They differed greatly from the Chinese -Japans government was feudal which as decentralized -The governing elite consisted of Samurai Warriors -The government was very military orientated -Japans recruitment system was based on lord-vassal relationship -The only thing China and Japan shared was confusion, they were greatly contrast other than that Establishment of Bakufu during Kamkura Period -Two clans the Minamoto and Taira Clan -They were both descendants of early Japanese Emperors -In 1150 they both tired to use imperial succession to fight for power -Kiyomori of the Taira won that battle -He ruled for a while but then became cocky -Some guy named Minamoto Yaritomo got people together that didnt like the government and started a rebellion -They then brought down the Taira Clan -By doing that he became the most powerful single person around -It was an important turning point, he then took the title of Shogun-General Force
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