History Notes 8-27 Lecture Four

History Notes 8-27 Lecture Four - 8-27-07Lecture...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-27-07Lecture FourUmayyad Dynasty took over in 661 661-750-The dynasty has a lot of alliences-They brought stability to the Islam community-It was the first all Islam Empire-Umayyad dynasty continued to expand there territory through the 7thand 8thcentury-The capital was Damascus-It faced administration problems since they ruled as conquerors-There goal was the Arab military arisotricay -They appointed military officers as governors and gave wealth to them-Christians, Jews, Buddhist, and Zoros were in the empire while it was being ruled-Lot of different ethnic groups in the empire-If different religions didnt want to covert to Islam they had to pay poll taxes to stay that way-A rebellion in Persia that finally brought down the Umayyad DynastyAbbasid Dynasty 750-1258-Abu-al-Abbas was the leader of the dynasty-He led a rebellion to Persia and to Mesopotamia-Had and invited all the remaining Umayyad leaders and then killed them all-It was a more cosmopolitan dynasty and didn't show support for the miliary-The dynasty lasted until 1258 when Mongol invaded it-It treated people more like equals and not one of conquest-Abu was focused on just administrating his dynasty-He reallied on persian techniques-Abbasids capital was in Baghdad-Local governor type people were appointed known as Ulama-Ulama were people with religious knowledge-The Ulama were responsible for setting moral standards and disputes in the local communities...
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History Notes 8-27 Lecture Four - 8-27-07Lecture...

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