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History Notes 8-24 Lecture Three

History Notes 8-24 Lecture Three - Lecture Three Islam...

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Lecture Three 8-24-07 Islam Empire was founded by the Arabs -The Islam Empire was much larger than the Persian Empire Arabian Peninsula -Bedouins lived on the peninsula -They migrated through the desert to find grass and water for there animals -They organized themselves into cults -Families were very important to them Prophet Muhammad -He was born in 570 CE in the city of Mecca -He was from a family of merchants -Tragic childhood, father died before he was born and then mother shortly after he was born -His grandfather took over and raised him but died when he was 6 years old -Uncle then took care of him for the rest of his life -Grow up as a poor orphan and had to work -Started working as a sheep herder -Worked for a rich woman named Khadija -She proposed to him and they got married -In his 30s he became established as a merchant Islam Religion -Before Islam, Arabs worshiped many goods and daemons -Muhammad was aware of other Jewish and Christian communities -610CE he went through a spiritual movement
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