Civil Rights - th Amendment 1999 – Charlotte allowed to...

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Civil Rights African American Timeline 1787 – Constitution writing with 3/5 compromise 1809 – importation of slaves banned 1857 – Dred Scott case – African-Americans aren’t citizens 1861 – Civil War 1865 – 13 th Amendment – slavery illegal 1868 – 14 th Amendment – nullifies Dred Scott – ex-slaves made citizens, equal protection, extends Bill of Rights to states 1870 – 15 th Amendment – Black males receive right to vote 1896 – Plessy v. Ferguson - separate-but-equal standard 1909 – NAACP formed 1954 – Brown v. Board of Ed. I - separate is inherently unequal 1955 – Brown v. Board of Ed. II
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1955 – Rosa Parks refuses to move to back of bus 1962 – James Meredith admitted to Ole Miss 1964 – Civil Rights Act of 1964 – outlaws segregation in public accommodations and employment; prevents tax money from going to organizations that discriminate on basis of race, color, or national origin 1964 – 24 th Amendment – Poll Taxes repealed 1965 – Voting Rights Act of 1965 1995 – Mississippi ratifies 13
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Unformatted text preview: th Amendment 1999 – Charlotte allowed to end bussing Other racial groups Asian Americans-barriers to property ownership-immigration limits (bans)-reverse discrimination-Hispanic Americans-Many of same issues that faced African-Americans-Language (ESL)-immigration American Indians-reservations-Citizenship Act 1924-Didn’t get right to vote in some states until 1948 & 1956-Gambling-Indian Civil Rights Act Women-Suffrage-Equal Pay Act of 1963-CRA of 1964-Title IX 1972-Near ratification of ERA-Violence against women; medical leave-Glass Ceiling Recent Expansion-ADA-Age Discrimination-New Frontier - GLBT Burden of Proof Rational v. Strict Scrutiny-Race = Strict-Gender = Intermediate has replace Rational Affirmative Action – opportunity v. outcome-Outreach – universal acceptability-Tie breaker-As a factor – can be one of many factors; not dominant-Critical Mass (U of Michigan case)-Quota – unconstitutional (Bakke v. CA)...
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Civil Rights - th Amendment 1999 – Charlotte allowed to...

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