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ARSCOctober29 - i Economic ii Political iii Between new...

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ARSC October 29, 2007 I. Culture a. Primary Contradictions- contradictions between one state and colonial legacy b. Secondary Contradictions i. Contradictions internally ii. How things unfold in each state c. The National Question i. Potential and actual divisions in each countries are reviewed and solved ii. Cuts across history, anthropology, etc. iii. Centered around nationality question and religion in Africa iv. In U.S., mostly a question on race v. Each country experiences this question along different lines 1. Between national groups 2. Religious groups 3. Within national groups 4. Between citizens and emerging states d. Military Violence i. Caused by: 1. Weak State 2. Weak political Structures 3. Low level of Democracy in terms of content and practice ii. Mostly happens right after independence II. Nature of State building in Post Independent Africa a. One way to understand nature of state building in post independent Africa is to examine this from the point of primary and secondary contradictions in such efforts b. Primary contradictions
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Unformatted text preview: i. Economic ii. Political iii. Between new national states and colonial legacies iv. A colonial state itself is different from normal states as we have seen them in the western world v. A global economy is based not on raw materials, but how they are converted before they are exported c. Secondary conflicts i. Internal to the new states ii. Majority vs. minority iii. Capitalist class vs. artisans iv. Labor/worker/farms v. Economy is supply lowly valued raw materials to gas and fuel in external “global” economy d. Prices of raw materials not determined by exporting i. Africans do all the hard labor and other outside entities (Europeans) get all the profits from changing raw materials into useable materials ii. Working class, middle class, and peasants VS. Ruling class e. Consequences: i. Low national wealth to feed local economies ii. Adds to contradiction between new neo-colonial elites and the people who privatize III....
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