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Phys2Lab1 - Matthew Malek Lab Partners Jon and Christina...

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Matthew Malek Lab Partners: Jon and Christina Lab #1 08/31/2006 Linear Expansion Objectives : The objectives of this lab were to experiment with different types of metals, add heat to this metal and measure how more they expand. We want to see the difference each type of material used reacts to heat. Theory : Molecules absorb the heat that is added to a material. The added heat makes the molecules move and collide faster and faster causing the material to expand, this is called Thermal Expansion . When just one dimension is being looked at, this is called Linear Expansion. The change in length is dependent on the type of material and is directly proportional to the original length and amount of temperature change. Change in L = (alpha)L(change in temp) Procedure : First we added water to the steam generator and turned it on. We then took a tube with the type of metal inside and measured the distance of the rod while it was cool. We then added steam to the tube and waited until the temperature reached close to 100 degrees Celsius. Once at that temperature we then again measure the
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