Jan 24th- 1917 contd

Jan 24th- 1917 contd - Played soprano sax and clarinet...

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1917- First Jass Recording- Original Dixieland Jass Band (ODJB) ‘Livery Stable Blues’ ‘Dixie Jazz Band One-Step’ Led by Nick LaRocca, trumpet/coronet player Formed in Chicago in 1916 5 musicians Coronet, clarinet, Trombone, piano, drums ‘Stoptime’ technique Led to emergence of Memphis 5 New Orleans Rhythm Kings New Orleans Kings of Rhythm Original New Orleans Jass Band Led by Jimmy Durante Joe King Oliver 1885-1937 Leader of band in a brothel – ‘Creole Jazz Band’ 7 instruments Played coronet Louis Armstrong played second coronet 1923 - ‘Chimes Blues’ Recorded in Richmond First recorded Louis Armstrong Solo Age 22 1923 – ‘Dippermouth Blues’ 12 bar blues
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Meant to show off Armstrong 1923 – ‘Wild Cat Blues’ Clarence Williams’ Blue Five Sidney Bichet Shot a musician for messing up Kicked out of France, but returned few years later
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Unformatted text preview: Played soprano sax and clarinet Dixieland ABAC style Jelly Roll Morton 1885-1941 Classical Training pianist Played in brothels as a teen Blended ragtime, blues, and minstrel music First Jazz musician to put his compositions on paper Wrote the head, chord changes Greatest self promoter Claimed to have invented jazz Pool hustler, bellhop, organized crime, promoted boxing, pimp, card hustler Led The Red Hot Peppers Made 57 recordings in four years Black Bottom Stomp 1926 1938 - Maple Leaf Rag Cover of Scott Joplin recording 1927- Wolverine Blues 1924 - Red Onion Jazz Babies: "Cake Walking Babies from Home" 1954- When the Saints Go Marching In Louis Armstrong...
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Jan 24th- 1917 contd - Played soprano sax and clarinet...

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