Jan 24th- 1917 contd

Jan 24th- 1917 contd - • Played soprano sax and clarinet...

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1917- First Jass Recording- Original Dixieland Jass Band (ODJB) ‘Livery Stable Blues’ ‘Dixie Jazz Band One-Step’ Led by Nick LaRocca, trumpet/coronet player Formed in Chicago in 1916 5 musicians Coronet, clarinet, Trombone, piano, drums ‘Stoptime’ technique Led to emergence of Memphis 5 New Orleans Rhythm Kings New Orleans Kings of Rhythm Original New Orleans Jass Band Led by Jimmy Durante Joe King Oliver 1885-1937 Leader of band in a brothel – ‘Creole Jazz Band’ 7 instruments Played coronet Louis Armstrong played second coronet 1923 - ‘Chimes Blues’ Recorded in Richmond First recorded Louis Armstrong Solo Age 22 1923 – ‘Dippermouth Blues’ 12 bar blues
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Meant to show off Armstrong 1923 – ‘Wild Cat Blues’ Clarence Williams’ Blue Five Sidney Bichet Shot a musician for messing up Kicked out of France, but returned few years later
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Unformatted text preview: • Played soprano sax and clarinet • Dixieland – ABAC style Jelly Roll Morton • 1885-1941 • Classical Training – pianist • Played in brothels as a teen • Blended ragtime, blues, and minstrel music • First Jazz musician to put his compositions on paper Wrote the head, chord changes • Greatest self promoter Claimed to have invented jazz • Pool hustler, bellhop, organized crime, promoted boxing, pimp, card hustler • Led ‘The Red Hot Peppers’ Made 57 recordings in four years • ‘Black Bottom Stomp’ 1926 • 1938 - ‘Maple Leaf Rag’ Cover of Scott Joplin recording • 1927- ‘Wolverine Blues’ 1924 - Red Onion Jazz Babies: "Cake Walking Babies from Home" 1954- ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ • Louis Armstrong...
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Jan 24th- 1917 contd - • Played soprano sax and clarinet...

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