Duke Ellington contd

Duke Ellington contd - First extended jazz piece Centered...

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Duke Ellington o Influenced by eastern music o Didn’t like the term ‘jazz’, against labeling music o Career from 1920’s-1970’s o Changed combinations of instruments and pitches etc o Changed ‘meter’- beats in a bar o Changed structure- 64 bar, AABACA, etc o Changed length of music 4,5,6,10,20min etc Extended over many recordings o Writing in suites Collection of separate compositions that are related into a single piece o ‘Take the A Train’ Written by Billy Strahorn from NC Most influential arranger with Ellington Ellington’s theme song o 1926 – ‘East St. Louis Toodle-oo’ Altered structure AABA(32) C(8) C(10) AA(16) C(8) C(10) C(8) C(10) Coda(4) ‘New East St. Louis Toodle-oo’ Re recorded as AABA many years later o 1928- ‘Black Beauty’ Ellington solos on piano AABA with slight alterations o 1932- ‘Diminuendo In Blue/Crescendo in Blue’
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Unformatted text preview: First extended jazz piece Centered on Riffs Kansas City Style Rhythm Guitar o 1940- Cotton Tail o 1940- Ko-Ko Jungle style Animal sounds Became a derogatory term for jazz o 1945- Caravan Middle eastern influenced AABCDA 16,16,24,16 bars Additive Reference to French legion and French national anthem Bass plays anthem o 1946- Transblucency Exotic sounding Text-less voice- using voice as instrument Voice and Clarinet o 1962- In a Sentimental Mood John Coltrane plays with Ellington o The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse Suite featuring musical styles from different cultures All related to international scene 1971- Chinoiserie 1971- Acht OClock rock Rock influence o 1961- Segue in C Basie and Ellington o...
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Duke Ellington contd - First extended jazz piece Centered...

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