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Collins 1 Kyla A. Collins Professor Hendricks English 1102 10 February 2013 A Wild That Tames There are few people who could say that if they died this very moment they did everything they wanted to do in life, but Christopher McCandless was one of those people. He knew all that was at stake, yet he still took the journey across North America because it was what he wanted to do. Christopher McCandless broke out of his comfort zone and set out to do something that made him truly happy, dying in pursuit of it. His death led to much skepticism and judgment on his voyage that was presumed by many as a failure. His reasoning, preparation, and rationality were all in question following his death, leaving him with no proper defense. Jon Krakauer, the author of Into the Wild , uncovered Christopher McCandless’s story and gave him a new voice to be heard by the world. He depicted details of Christopher McCandless’s life in a way that showed Christopher McCandless as an enlightened, soft-spoken man who aspired to find himself in the world, no matter the cost. If anything, his longing to abandon civilization showed the wrong and unjust nature found in society; to Christopher McCandless, dying by taking a risk and doing something that made him happy was better than living a simple life filled with discontent. If doing something meaningful that makes you happy in the process is not considered success in one’s life, then what is? Christopher McCandless was seen to be a self-absorbed, narcissist who singlehandedly aided in his own demise. It was perceived as if he were asking for trouble by going into the wild
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Collins 2 alone and got what he was asking for. What people failed to realize is that his adventure was nothing out of the ordinary in our society. At some point in someone’s life, usually in adolescence, there is this urge to embrace danger. In most cases it involves simple rebellion such
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Christopher McCandless essay.docx - Collins 1 Kyla A...

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