ste - I found Du Bois’ argument to be biased and...

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Stephanie Russo April 5 2008 Comp 130.03 Scopes Trial Editorial Dayton is America In the editorial, Dayton is America , by W.E.B Du Bois, published in September 1925, compares the entire country of America to Dayton, Tennessee. Du Bois says that although it may seem a joke to compare Dayton to America, everyone knows it is true. The main aspect Du Bois uses is ignorance. He says that America is a country of ignorance and that America believes in ignorance. Du Bois gives America no credit and basically bashes it for being “simple-minded” and “brutal”. Du Bois claims that America does not simply make mistakes; their actions such as persecution and lynching are unforgiveable. Du Bois mentions prejudice and bigotry toward the end. I found it interesting to compare the Scopes Trial to prejudice, but it makes sense because Tennessee is a southern state who utilized slavery at one time.
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Unformatted text preview: I found Du Bois’ argument to be biased and closed-minded. Du Bois states his opinion about America, which is negative, and does not cease to uphold it. It is clear that Du Bois is against the Scopes Trial. Saying that Dayton is ignorant is saying that the trial is ignorant. After reading this article, I believe that Du Bois took the trial too literally. Instead of just claiming that Dayton is ignorant in their laws, he compares the town to the mass of the country. I do not find this fair, and I think that the editorial is rather offensive. The last sentence “But Dayton, Tennessee, is no laughing matter. It is menace and warning. It is a challenge to Religion, Science and Democracy.” Is the only sentence that I agree with. I do believe that Dayton, Tennessee was ignorant during this trial, but not that America as a whole is ignorant....
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ste - I found Du Bois’ argument to be biased and...

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