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Matthew Malek Lab Partners: Jon and Christina Lab #2 09/13/2006 Specific Heat Capacities of Metals Objectives : The objectives of this lab were to experiment with different techniques of calorimetry. We also want to determine the specific heat capacity of several metals. We do this by using the method of mixtures, which means we heat up a substance by holding it in boiling water, we then add this to a insulated cup of water and find the equilibrium temperature. Theory : With a substance, the change in Temp is proportional to the amount of heat added. Also, the larger the substance the more heat is required to change its temperature. Which leads us to the equation: Q = m c Δ T Where m = Mass Δ T = change in temp and c = Specific Heat Capacity Q or Heat is measured in calories, and one calorie is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a unit mass one degree Celius Using the Method of mixtures technique we see that we can use the formula: Δ Q metal = ΔQ water + ΔQ cup
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