ASRCNovember12 - i Western influences in films when they...

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ASRC November 12, 2007 I. Types of Art a. Art for art’s sake i. Primary reason is aesthetic pleasure only ii. Formalist’s concept of art b. Social Realist i. Art = substantive functional concept ii. Can be used for reason, learning, teaching, etc. iii. African Art leans more towards this definition iv. Art is similar to African names- connected to your birth, family, place in society II. Movies- African Cinema a. Souleyman Celey- Veelan b. La Vie est Belle c. Issa Vanini- airs in Berber Land d. Neria- pioneers for women’s rights e. Corresponds to crucial period- independence from colonial periods i. Maybe too much French in movies? ii. Cinema came late to Africa f. Lack means of production g. No resources to realize dreams i. Style faces limitations ii. Always the same look iii. No formulas are standard for African films iv. Cinema is not a priority h. Funds come from the West
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Unformatted text preview: i. Western influences in films when they provide money ii. Francophone domination of African cinema 1. Africans begin writing scripts for Europeans 2. Film makers make films how the audience wants to see them, not how they are 3. Hanny Tchelle is an actress popular in France and Africa i. Styles i. More collective shots ii. More group shots iii. Less individual close ups iv. Corresponds to African culture 1. More spontaneous 2. Succeed even when odds are against them 3. Firms are honesty 4. Deal with reality of Africa 5. Deal with everyday life 6. Deal with environment a. Green beauty of Africa b. Different lifestyles 7. Deal with country relations 8. Films relate to not only Africa, but whole world v. Not a business venture for some filmmakers III....
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ASRCNovember12 - i Western influences in films when they...

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