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Phys2Lab12 - amps Adjust the plate and observe the blue...

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Matthew Malek Lab Partners: Jon and Christina Lab #12 E /M : Ratio of charge on an electron to electron mass Objectives: To determine the ratio of just that. Theory : This lab you will observe a surge of electrons that enter a magnetic field, so that the path of electrons becomes perpendicular to the field lines. Since the resulting force moves in a circular path the formula for this is shown by: E /M = 2V / B^2 r^2 To measure the magnitude, B = (8uN/ R rad 125) X I Procedure : Attach the apparatus and adjust the filament current to .6 or .7
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Unformatted text preview: amps. Adjust the plate and observe the blue stream of electrons. Increase the plate voltage anywhere between 60-90 volts. Focus the beam to about 2mm. Once the rheostat is set at high resistance, change the current between 3-5amps. When you do this you will see the beam bend into a complete semicircle. Change this 3 times and record the data. Conclusion The calculated value of e/m 1.75 x 10^11 and very close on all but one trail. This is very good data, and helps prove this theory....
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