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Phys2Lab5 - reach 18ml and record the amount of pressure on...

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Matthew Malek Lab Partners: Jon and Christina Lab #5 09/25/2006 Boyle’s Law Objectives: To graphically analyze data between pressure and the volume of a fixed mass of gas at a constant temperature. Theory : Boyle’s Law states that if the pressure on a fixed mass of a gas at a constant temperature goes up, the volume will decrease and this is true inversely. PV = k Procedure : We will connect a Pressure Sensor to the computer and use a program called Data Studio to record data. First connect and open Data Studio, then for the first half, we would push the siring in reducing the volume by 1 ml and recording the amount of pressure on the table. We did this until we reduced it to about 3ml. For the 2 nd half we would increase the siring by 1ml until we
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Unformatted text preview: reach 18ml and record the amount of pressure on the table. After we will create two graphs on the computer, showing the relationship between increasing volume and pressure, we see that we come up with a linear graph and a bet fit graph that look very good. Conclusion This lab took a long time to set up. First our computer would freeze and it did this about 5 times. Then we had to wait to get a working computer and the figure out how to use the instruments. Finally when everything was working we seems to get very good response from the instruments. The graphs and data that we got seem to match up with the rest of the classes, so I’m guessing we did a pretty good job on it....
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