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Matthew Malek Lab Partners: Jon and Christina Lab #4 09/13/2006 Newton’s Law of Cooling Objectives : Create graphs from data on regular graph and semi log paper. To find the constants in Newton’s Law of Cooling and to compare those cooling rates with the different colored cups. Theory : Newton’s Law of Cooling says a warmer substances KE will flow to a cooler substance. The greater the difference, the faster the cooling will take place. Rate of Cooling = k ( Δ T) Plotting natural log of the change in temperature versus time and the slope of that line is the negative constant: Slope= -k or T=1 / k Plotting just the change in temperature versus the time and finding the slope of the tangent line to a best fit curve. The slope of this line is the constant. Slope = Change in y / Change in x Procedure : Fill two cups, One black one shiny, with hot water. Record the
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Unformatted text preview: temperature of the water in each cup. Every 5 seconds record the temperature of each cup, up to 60 seconds. Use this data to construct 2 Graphs. One with ln( Δ T ) vs. t the other just ( Δ T ) vs. the slope of the first graph is negative and this is the constant in Newton’s law of Cooling. The other graph is a best fit and the tangent to the curve gives an id of the constant. Conclusion Looking at our data I feel we found the best data from the instruments that we used. I still feel that we should have had a fan blowing on the cups to disperse the warm air around the cups that were insulating them. Either way we did find slopes to the natural log of the change in Temp graph and the other graph, and found these were not super close but close enough....
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