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Matthew Malek Lab Partners: Jon and Christina Lab #11 Diode Rectification Objectives: To compare input and output voltages using both half wave and full wave diode rectifiers. Theory : A diode is a component that, in an electrical circuit, blocks the direction of a charge. It allows current to flow in one direction and blocks it coming the opposite direction, essentially turning an AC source into a DC source.
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Unformatted text preview: Procedure : Construct a circuit with a diode, resistor and a AC source. Set this to 60Hz and 6V. Record values for voltage, input and output voltages. Add on diode in parallel with the resistor and record values again. Do this until there are four diodes connected to the resistor and in parallel with it. Record each time you add a diode. Conclusion Um…. Couldn’t do this lab Nice Try...
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