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ASRC November 1, 2007 First part of the essay has to be on Culture (At least two pages) Hours: o Tuesday: 10-12 o Wednesday: 4-5 o Thursday: 10-12, 4:30-X Most democratic African States have experimented with two forms of political systems at and after independence o Most Anglophone countries experimented with British Prime Ministerial System o Most Francophone countries experimented with French Presidential After independence and military conflict, most countries adopt presidential system similar to America o Big countries adopt Federal System o Small countries adopt Unitary System o This presidential system is closest to ancient African rule when one “king” ruled his people Organized Trade Labor Unions are mostly anti-colonial pro-independence
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Unformatted text preview: • Some places say they are federal but they practice unitary system o Implications: National Question: Only some areas are fully represented o Representation is not sufficient • Single Party System vs. Multiparty system o No other parties allowed in single party o Dictatorship o Single party allows government to sort out and resolve national question which is a potential source of conflict • People’s Power: party of the people from the base (non-elitists) o Pretty much single party in a different form • History of Struggle in Africa o 1960-1980: Political Struggle o 1980-Present: Economic Struggle...
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