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Social Audid Project

Social Audid Project - Social and Environmental Indicators...

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Social and Environmental Indicators 1. In the past three years of operation, the Nike has encountered two major crises. One crisis was a legal dispute between Nike and Beaverton, Oregon. The second crisis involved a change in CEO. In September 2005 a lawsuit was filed against the city of Beaverton, Oregon by Nike. This land-use lawsuit was filed to secure Beaverton, Oregon as the home of Nike corporate head quarters. Beaverton wants to annex Nike from their town, but over the past two years Nike has stood firm. The corporate world is ruthless; Nike continued to tie up Beaverton’s staff time and money by filing a public records lawsuit against the city during the land-use suit. It seems that Nike has a vendetta against Beaverton, by Nike says, “Were pushing this case on principle.” In 2005 the case was closed and Nike got rights to use the land in Beaverton for the next 35 years. The second crises occurred in 2004 with the replacement of Nike CEO Phil Knight, with S.C. Johnson’s William D. Perez. Although only a minor blip on Nike’s performance, Perez resigned one year later and the job as CEO was re-taken by Phil Knight. Apparently William D. Perez was not the right person to lead the company, and although out of a job, Perez inherited almost 10 million in miscellaneous assets from Nike including 67,000 shares, worth an estimated 5.6 million. 2. Nike has mechanisms to promote moral corporate culture. Nike believes this begins directly with the employees. If a U.S. based employee contributes to a qualified non-
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profit organization, Nike matches the contribution up to $5,000 per employee per year. When a U.S. based employee volunteers for a qualified non-profit organization, Nike
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Social Audid Project - Social and Environmental Indicators...

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