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Andrew Heitner Dr. BOB. What is the right organizational culture for me? What organizational culture fits me best? For me, the organizational culture that fits me best is the Task oriented structured environment. Also a people oriented culture is best for me. I had high levels of socialization and the inventory suggested I would make a good sales person and manager. Think of two organizations where you worked/observed. I worked at menards for the past summer. It is a large company and very structured task/goal oriented. It strives for results. My manager was more of a laid back manager and didn’t press us to hard, but he managed to raise productivity in the lumber yard by 10 percent. The structure of the big business and the attitude of the managers make me stay
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Unformatted text preview: motivated and productive. In contrast I worked for my father in a very relaxed atmosphere with very flexible hours in his dental office, it was a lot less strenuous and I was not as productive in that job. What was your reaction? This assignment actually made us think about where we have worked and why we liked a certain job over the other. It also made me think about the best atmosphere for me in the workplace. I thought this was a worthwhile assessment. It didn’t take too long to complete and was very quick and to the point. IT kept my interest in what the goals of the assessment were....
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