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Exam _2Spr08RevSheet - MC2525 REVIEW SHEET FOR EXAM #2:...

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MC2525 R EVIEW S HEET FOR E XAM #2: W EDNESDAY , A PRIL 2 Exam Format : In Class, 50 Multiple-choice and True/False Questions Materials to be drawn from: - Class content from 2/25-3/31 including lectures from Dr. Dahmen & Dr. E. Song - Borchers Ch 8 Culture [omit 219-221, 236-240]; Ch 7 Language [omit 194-195, 199-200]; Ch 6 Visual Images [omit 159-170] Ch 5 Attitudes section: 134-138 only; Ch 2 Theories: 44-46 & 48-51 only; Ch 11 Motivational Appeals [omit 311-316, 320-321]; Ch 10 Reasoning [omit 289-297]; Ch 9 Credibility: 242-249 only For the following terms, (1) know the definition , (2), understand the significance, and/or (3) be ready to apply to concrete examples : 1) Culture: high culture, pop culture, sub-culture; definition of culture; material and nonmaterial culture; cultural beliefs, values, behavior, institutions 2) Mainstream culture model, referent class; cultural conflict model, cultural hegemony model, patriarchy
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This note was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course MC 2525 taught by Professor Song during the Spring '07 term at LSU.

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Exam _2Spr08RevSheet - MC2525 REVIEW SHEET FOR EXAM #2:...

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